Monthly Archives: August 2017

How About Creating a Timeline?

I’ve always been a firm believer that you cannot separate people and history. Putting your ancestors in their times and places can be very revealing, and add a lot to your research. Timelines can be in any format you like-a vertical or horizontal chart, or a running narrative, as long as source notes of facts […]

Ever Heard of Steve Morse?

Steve Morse has compiled one of the most useful genealogy sites I’ve ever seen, with tons of helpful pages! The homepage is clean and straightforward, and the user can find what they’re looking for quickly. On the left-hand side is a list of categories, including Ellis Island and Castle Garden, other ports (Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, […]

Family Tree Magazine-My Favorite!

Hi, all…sorry for the delay in my reaching out to you. I’m experiencing a rather odd condition involving light-headedness and difficulty focusing on a computer screen. I’ll be having tests next week and hope to have some answers at that point. Meanwhile, I did want to make sure you knew about my favorite genealogical periodical, […]