Ever Heard of Steve Morse?

Steve Morse has compiled one of the most useful genealogy sites I’ve ever seen, with tons of helpful pages! The homepage is clean and straightforward, and the user can find what they’re looking for quickly. On the left-hand side is a list of categories, including Ellis Island and Castle Garden, other ports (Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, etc.); U.S., U.K. and Canadian Censuses; Soundex and other codes; vital records (especially New York City); calendar conversions, map interpretation, foreign alphabets, the Holocaust and DNA…there are links to Steve’s publication list, awards and biographical information. You may even view his lectures! This is all most impressive! So, when you get a chance, give Steve Morse (www.stevemorse.org) a whirl! Until next time!

Emily Schroeder

About Emily Schroeder

Greetings to everyone who’s into genealogy! I’m Emily Schroeder, and I’ve been at Maine State Library since 1980. I just retired this year. My latest incarnation transformed me into the genealogy specialist. I got to visit other libraries and do genealogy workshops, have classes onsite, teach adult ed., write newsletters, join genealogy groups, and generally try to keep myself “in the know”. I’m hoping that through this blog we can share ideas, review resources and databases, and maybe introduce something new to readers in the genealogy field. You can always e-mail me at: buffywg@yahoo.com.