Being Thankful!

Hi, everyone! So sorry I’ve been out of the loop for such a long time. It’s still hard for me to use the computer; after 4 months I still can’t use my right eye. I’m hoping for an answer soon! Meanwhile, I’ve been browsing through the December issue of “Family Tree Magazine”, my go-to periodical for genealogy. Starting on page 18 is an article called ‘State Champions’, where the editors give a list of their favorite websites from each state. The pick for Maine was the Maine Memory Network, and I couldn’t agree more with their selection. It’s hosted by Maine Historical Society, and has some great sections: ‘Maine History Online’ provides links to essays, exhibits, images, documents and objects of interest, arranged by theme or time period. ‘Share Local History’ is the spot for individuals and organizations to contribute by telling a story or scanning photos, records and other Maine-related items. Check out the ‘Mystery Corner’ and see if you can identify people and places in the photos on display! There’s even a ‘Digital Classroom’ to assist educators who want to teach Maine history. From there you can move on to MHS’ Brown Library and see what’s in the online catalog, allowing you to plan your trip there. You’ll also find the ‘Genealogy Discussion Forum’ a point of interest.
So, I’m thankful for sites such as these, and for you who continue to read my thoughts. Until next time!

Emily Schroeder

About Emily Schroeder

Greetings to everyone who’s into genealogy! I’m Emily Schroeder, and I’ve been at Maine State Library since 1980. I just retired this year. My latest incarnation transformed me into the genealogy specialist. I got to visit other libraries and do genealogy workshops, have classes onsite, teach adult ed., write newsletters, join genealogy groups, and generally try to keep myself “in the know”. I’m hoping that through this blog we can share ideas, review resources and databases, and maybe introduce something new to readers in the genealogy field. You can always e-mail me at: