Family Tree Magazine-My Favorite!

Hi, all…sorry for the delay in my reaching out to you. I’m experiencing a rather odd condition involving light-headedness and difficulty focusing on a computer screen. I’ll be having tests next week and hope to have some answers at that point. Meanwhile, I did want to make sure you knew about my favorite genealogical periodical, […]

Ever Visited Olive Tree Genealogy?

Hi, all! Another glorious summer day, and probably the last thing you want to do is sit in front of a computer! Some evening, try Olive Tree Genealogy. It’s very wide-ranging, I must say…the host/author is Lorine McGinnis Schulze, and she is well-organized, to say the least. She offers sites on immigration, military, Native Americans, […]

2017 Maine Genealogy Fair!

Sorry I’ve been away from this blog for a while…I’ve been a bit stressed with the state shutdown, and trying to get other stuff done. Thankfully, we’re back in business, and we can still hold the 2017 Maine Genealogy Fair! It’s this coming Saturday at the State Library, Museum and Archives Building in Augusta, from […]

More Help Finding Veterans’ Burials in Maine!

Some of you were concerned that the WPA Cemetery Plans did not include veterans’ names, and I referred you to other resources, particularly your town clerks. I’ve stumbled onto yet another, very useful item: “Veterans Cemetery Records”, 11 rolls of microfilm arranged initially by county, then town and cemetery. The last couple of rolls are […]

Was Your Ancestor a Maine Alien in 1940?

Quite a question, I know! Given the paranoia of the times, Gov. Lewis O. Barrows ordered that every “alien” (adult of another nationality) in Maine be registered. The executive proclamation went into effect on June 14, 1940, citing such things as “subversive influences” , “un-American acts” and “threat of sabotage”, and the need to know […]

WPA Cemetery Plans Online!

As Memorial Day approaches, visions of cemeteries dance through our heads (or at least in mine, as I find more ancestors to bring flowers to…). Many Maine cemeteries have plans originally created courtesy of the Works Progress Administration, which reside at the Maine State Archives. Thanks to that staff and the folks who work on […] and Surnames

Ever seen those little teasers provided by, promising to tell you all about the meaning of your surname? Well, most of the information I found on my maiden name, Herrick, was interesting and potentially useful. Results show immigration and life expectancy, both of which include charts. The occupation link leads to a table from […]