Was Your Ancestor a Maine Alien in 1940?

Quite a question, I know! Given the paranoia of the times, Gov. Lewis O. Barrows ordered that every “alien” (adult of another nationality) in Maine be registered. The executive proclamation went into effect on June 14, 1940, citing such things as “subversive influences” , “un-American acts” and “threat of sabotage”, and the need to know […]

WPA Cemetery Plans Online!

As Memorial Day approaches, visions of cemeteries dance through our heads (or at least in mine, as I find more ancestors to bring flowers to…). Many Maine cemeteries have plans originally created courtesy of the Works Progress Administration, which reside at the Maine State Archives. Thanks to that staff and the folks who work on […]

Ancestry.com and Surnames

Ever seen those little teasers provided by Ancestry.com, promising to tell you all about the meaning of your surname? Well, most of the information I found on my maiden name, Herrick, was interesting and potentially useful. Results show immigration and life expectancy, both of which include charts. The occupation link leads to a table from […]

Your Food Heritage!

We all have favorite recipes that families have shared and passed down through the generations. I have one that my great aunt Florence procured from the boarding home next door in Rockland, and I make it frequently: Angel Gingerbread. It’s easy, quick to make, and, best of all, it’s good. That’s the type of food […]

Looking for a Mariner?

If you’re trying to find information on a mariner with a Maine connection-ship, port, etc.-you’ve got to take a look at the Merchant Mariners Muster, provided by the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. It’s truly amazing! The staff has been searching through thousands of in-house documents-over 6,500 to date-and compiling records into a huge online […]

Check Out Ancestry Academy!

Trying to find some quick instruction online? Well, Ancestry.com covers a variety of topics at the touch of a mouse! What’s even better is that you don’t have to subscribe to Ancestry or be in a Maine public library to take advantage of these lessons! Just go to: www.ancestry.com/genealogy. On the top line is the […]

Cemetery Season is Upon Us!

Well, the ground is finally clearing of snow, and we can look forward to a season of carefree cemetery exploration! I’d like to draw your attention to the new website for the Maine Old Cemetery Association, www.moca-me.org . For those unfamiliar with this organization, MOCA has been a part of the Maine genealogy scene since […]

Get Ready for the 2017 NERGC Conference!

Hi, all! It may still be snowing, but spring is coming and it’s time for the 2017 NERGC Conference! This time it’s being held from April 26th through the 29th at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA. The theme is “Using the Tools of Today and Tomorrow to Understand the Past”, and is sponsored by […]

Family Tree Maker change!

According to Diane Haddad of the Family Tree Magazine staff, Software MacKiev, who bought Family Tree Maker early in 2016, will be releasing the 2017 version on March 31st. In previous versions TreeSync was used to sync your trees on Ancestry.com; now they’re using something different, called FamilySync. If you want to maintain your database, […]